Here are some of the most common reasons why your AC is blowing warm air and what to do next. If the evaporator coil goes too long without maintenance, it can become caked with dust and unable to absorb heat as effectively. Hot air is the last thing you want from your home’s AC unit. 7 Reasons Your Heater Blows Cold Air/AC Blows Hot Air. When the system is not calling for cooling, the air that is circulated can feel warm coming out of … 6 Reasons Your AC Is Blowing Warm Air. 4 Reasons Why Your Air Conditioner Is Blowing Lukewarm Air . Contact your local AC repair company and explain the issue to them. Posted on: 17 August 2018 There's no worse time for your air conditioner to malfunction than right in the middle of summer. Think of warm air like a fever telling your body you’re sick: it’s a common symptom that tells you something’s not working correctly in your AC.. Now that’s a reason to sweat. If your AC is blowing warm air, the first thing you should check … Frozen AC Unit. The duration for which cold air will be produced from the supply air outlets depends on the programmable set point of the temperature controller. Before calling an AC repair company, here are 5 common causes to help narrow your focus and point you in a cool direction. is changing the fan from “auto” to “on”, which causes the fan to blow air when the system isn’t running. Truth is, there are a ton of different variables that lead to warm air blowing out of your air conditioner. Noticing your AC blowing warm air? As your AC system blows warm air from your home over the coils, the refrigerant in the coils absorbs heat from the air, thereby making the air cooler. So, without us looking at your air conditioner, there’s really no way for us to know exactly what’s causing your AC to blow warm air. No home air conditioning system is designed to constantly blow cold air without intermittently recycling return air from within the conditioned space. To many homeowners’ surprise, air conditioners can actually freeze. Dont panic. But don’t worry just yet, we’ve got your back. So far, so good. 1. A more common mistake (and the one he made!) If its power has gone out, the system won’t cool the air it blows out. But hold the phone. Why tell this story? There are many reasons an HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning) system might stop working. Because it illustrates just one of many reasons why a heater might blow cold air, and an air conditioner might blow hot air. But all you have to work with are the symptoms. Home AC Blowing Warm Air Intermittently. Prevent Your AC Blowing Warm Air With Annual Maintenance. The best way to prevent the problem of an AC blowing warm air is to schedule annual air conditioner tune-ups from Hydes. The Thermostat Is On the Wrong Settings. Yes, freeze solid inside into a block of ice. But what about the outdoor unit — the condenser? Before calling a professional, check out these 3 common … Your AC could be blowing warm air for a lot of reasons. There are many different reasons why your AC is blowing warm air and sure, it can get kind of complicated. In fact, this is the most common cause of air conditioners to blow warm or hot air. During your tune-up we’ll measure your refrigerant levels, clean your coils and check to ensure that all of your system’s parts are working properly. An AC blowing warm air shows you that your indoor air handler unit is on, and the power supply is functional.